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  • More programming and customization options for a smooth ride

  • Larger 2.8" LCD screen

  • Built-in ambient light sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness

  • Controller armor available in color matching options

  • Enhanced horn volume

  • Bluetooth access to computer, tablet and phone functions

  • Color LCD hand control screen displays system functions clearly at a glance

  • On-screen data includes battery gauge, speedometer, odometer, real-time clock, mode settings, speed dial settings, drive status and seat functions

  • Keypad features easy-access power, mode, and speed dial functions, as well as horn and menu buttons

  • Auxiliary jacks are built-in for the use of additional adaptive switch input devices

  • The reminder feature allows clinicians and providers to set on-screen alerts that routinely remind the user to take medication, perform weight shifts, recharge batteries, etc.

  • Fully programmable drive profiles allow the tailoring of the power chair’s handling to the widest ranges of needs, including advanced features of tremor dampening and latched drive

  • Software-based system allows for updates to be quickly downloaded

Owner's Manual

The Q-Logic 2 Drive Control System by Quantum Rehab® is the most advanced power chair electronics package available. The Q-Logic Series creates an adaptable, expandable control system that serves even the most complex needs while delivering a host of exclusive features.


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