As a global innovator, Quantum products include the Q6 Edge® 2.0 and Quantum Series of power bases, iLevel® seat elevation technology, TRU-Balance® 3 Power Positioning Systems, Q-Logic 2 Drive Control System, Synergy® Cushions and Backs, and Stealth® Products positioning components.


In establishing Quantum, consumer needs and wishes were the driving force, and so its staff was formed not only of top complex rehab product specialists and engineers, but also with occupational and physical therapists, as well as high-end wheelchair users, themselves. Quantum knew that in order to serve the community, it must be part of it.


Headquartered in Exeter, Pennsylvania, Quantum also has operations in  Canada, China, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Clinically-focused and consumer-inspired, Quantum Rehab products are engineered and manufactured to meet the widest range of complex rehab needs with functional, durable, stylized, high-performance designs to increase daily functionality and quality of life.



About Quantum Rehab