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Quantum Rehab is a top Australian leader in complex power wheelchairs. Our products are expertly built in Australia by highly trained technicians. Since 2002, we've been part of the Pride Mobility family of brands, committed to excellence and innovation.

We are dedicated to being the premier global innovator of consumer-inspired complex rehab mobility technologies that not only deliver medical comfort, but also the features needed toward overall well-being, serving the entirety of users' activities of daily living.

Quantum Rehab® was born out of the desire to delight customers with the most advanced, consumer-inspired complex rehab power wheelchairs and related technologies possible. Clinically-focused and consumer-inspired, Quantum Rehab products are engineered and manufactured to meet the widest range of complex rehab needs with functional, durable, stylized, high-performance designs to increase daily functionality and quality of life.


At Quantum, consumer needs and wishes are the driving force. We’re dedicated to not just meeting medical and clinical needs, but also quality-of-life needs. From the most advanced power seating for pressure management to the backup camera, Bluetooth® and fender lights, no consumer need is overlooked.

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